Fiona Skinner Learn To Swim

We are very proud to announce purchase of Fiona Skinner Learn to Swim (see letter to swim school families attached), a highly-regarded Swim School based at Christian College Geelong Highton campus. Further the club has secured a 16-year license agreement with CCG which provides exclusive use of the pool outside school hours (am & pm). The purchase was made possible by several committee members stumping up for the finance for the purchase and a massive contribution of volunteer time and expertise by Brian Sanderson our resident senior banker! Please note the club has not used any existing funds to buy the swim school, it has been fully funded through private equity loans. This is a step forward in providing consistent and sustainable financial resources, access to water space and swimmer support facilities, all major components of our strategic plan.

You can find out more information about the Swim School here –

About the Swim School

Fiona Skinner Learn to Swim has had a strong reputation within the Geelong community for over 15 years with its’ high quality technical swimming program and professionalism, whilst providing a fun, safe and engaging environment.

The fact the business has undertaken very little advertising, formal promotion & hasn’t had a website (previously) is testament of its standing in the Geelong community. Swimmers have been largely referred to Fiona Skinner Learn to Swim via word of mouth & personal recommendations. The swim school has developed from a staff of 6 to over 20 and is continuing to grow organically with over 800 students currently.

Fiona is a former swimmer and life member of the Geelong Swimming Club. She began swimming at the club at 15 years of age where she competed at a national level. Fiona holds a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years’ experience some of which was gained as a volunteer coach for 15 years within the Geelong Swimming Clubs’ junior program.

Fiona has always valued the ability to learn from others, and to mentor young people. She believes each child can learn to swim, if they are taught in the correct way – and knows that this can be different for each child. Fiona has high standards for her swimming teachers and encourages them to be whole-hearted, enthusiastic and to create a healthy and happy learning environment. Fiona remains in the business in the capacity of Teacher and Mentor of staff.