2021 All Junior Competition

This competition is a wonderful end to the season for many of our swimmers. Not only do you get to swim at MSAC but swimmers have to fight for their chance to swim in semi finals and finals. The GSC swimmers all did themselves, their coaches and the swim club community proud with many swimmers swimming PBs in their semi-finals and finals and a few swimmers making finals for the first time.

Congratulations to Semi finalists:

Sarah Collard

Blake Dosser

Celeste Ellis

Isla Eslica

Amelia Jennings

Zoe Jennings

Hannah Lane

Annabella Leong

Willian Lloyd Johnsen

Tessa McCann

Tom McMahon

Eliza O’Brien

Sabrina Poh

Sophia Poh

Lachlan Ricchini

Lara Rowe

Robert Rowe

Harry Sanderson

Imogen Stone

Matthew Suhandi

Will Towart

Xavier Walker

And today we had 23 finalist who received 6 GOLD, 10 SILVER, 8 BRONZE Final Placing were:

Dax Conheady 11yr BR BRONZE

Lachlan Dosser MC Bk & BR SILVER FR 4th

Ned Gillick 12yrs Fly 5th Bk 6th FR 5th

Scarlet Gilmour 10yrs Fly 5th FR 4th

Zarah Gilmour 8/u BR 6th

Brandon Hayes 13yrs Fly SILVER

Tihema Holman 14yrs Fly & BK GOLD BR & FR Silver

Ezekiel Lamborne 13yrs FR 7thJonathon Leong 12yrs FLY & BR GOLD


Ashlee Mackinder 10yr FLY 4th

Sam Miles 10YR BK 5th FR 7th

Alec O’brien 13yrs FLY 4TH BK SILVER BR 10th FR 4th

Olivia Platt 16th Fly& BR 4th BK silver FR 9th

Daphne Provily 8yr BR 7th

Sarah PRovily 13yrs fly 5th BK 6th

Cameron Ricchni 15yrs fly 6th bk 4th be 8th fr 10th

Chanel Simsic 15yrs FLY BRONZE BK 5TH BR 8th

Jack SIMSIC 17yr fly GOLD Bk SILVER br 4th FR bronze

Abby Smith 10yrs fly9th bk9


Keppler Snijders 10 Fly Gold BK BRONZE BR 8th FR SILVER

Zahlie Snijders 11yrs Fly 6th Bk 4th

Will Stokes 15 fly 4th Bk 5th Fr 7th

Sara Stienman 13yr Fly 7th BK BRONZE BR 9th

Noah Stephens 11yrs BK 7th

Cam Ricchini 6th FL 4th BA 10th FR

Will Stokes 4th FL 5th BA 7th FR

Abbey Smith 9th FL and BA

Congratulation to our finalists and to those who gained PB’s in their finals.Thanks to Kylie and Ainslie for all their help as our team managers and to our coaches Sadat Rob and Kai who gave up their weekend to support our swimmers.

3-2-1 GO GEELONG!!!