Thank you Lucky

It was with mixed emotions that we farewell Lucky Weerakkody, one of our most treasured coaches who will be moving to Western Australia to coach Kwinana Swimming Club

Lucky was initially recruited by former Head Coach John Beckworth to improve the standards of the swimmers being elevated into our National Preparation squad where he proved very successful and continued that work in his current role as Performance Manager and Assistant Head Coach alongside Sam Ashby. Lucky has had a great influence on this clubs’ performance and we will be forever grateful for the work he has performed. We would also like to acknowledge that a large portion of his work has been on a voluntary basis.

We thank Lucky for his years of wisdom, dedication and belief that has has contributed to our club. Without Lucky’s hard work, we would not be the club we are today. We hope to continue Lucky’s legacy for years to come.We wish Lucky all of the luck in the world at his new club.

Whilst we have lost a great man, Kwinana Swimming Club has gained a legend!