Kieser Sponsorship Announcement

The Geelong Swimming Club have just completed a sponsorship agreement with Kieser (Geelong Clinics)  who specialise in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. We are fortunate to offer some benefits to our swim school families. Please take up the offer of a discounted initial Physiotherapy assessment should you have any of those persistent aches and pains whether they are sport related or not. I can tell you first hand they do a great job at training your body to overcome them.


Whether you are training for the biggest swimming meet in your career, fixing that persistently sore back or looking to improve your golf swing, Kieser offers sport training programs that are tailored by a physiotherapist to your specific needs.

Our programs are designed to increase your strength, sports performance and well-being – in all situations. Your custom strength training program will be designed based on a comprehensive evaluation by our physiotherapist and an analysis of your current training level, needs and goals.

After a careful introduction to independent training with our specialised machines, regular check sessions and strength tests will guarantee that you reach your goals.

Kieser Service 

  • Memberships – $10 discount on all memberships (AT1, AT2, Core) for all GSC members and families
  • Initial Physiotherapy session – 50% off for all GSC members and families
  • Ongoing Physiotherapy – $90 for GSC members and $111 for family members who are not GSC members (RRP $111)

Note: Services listed above will be reviewed on an annual basis.