2022 Victorian Country Championships

2022 Victorian Country Champions 🏆


Well team, we did it. After many many years of coming second, we did it and we can now call ourselves Victorian Country Champions.

Our first win in 23 years did not come without its challenges. From hot, dry weather, to COVID ruling out a chunk of our team and the already strenuous nature of Country Championships. But our team did not falter, rising to the occasion to take out two Napthine Shields for men’s and women’s aggregate, the Australia Day perpetual trophy and the Monaghan Shield for overall team points.

We also congratulate Nicole Briscoe who took home the Bruce Carter Trophy for the the 14/O most outstanding individual performance. Nicole had a massive program with a total of 23 swims across the weekend. She came home with four gold medals in the 200 Fly, 200 Back, 400 and 200 IM, five silver medals in the 100 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Free and the 4×100 medley and free relays, and two bronze medals in the 400 free and 100 free, she also had one other final. It was a great performance by one of our hardest working athletes, it was efforts such as these that got us over the line.

A special shout out also goes to the coaches, parents and siblings who jumped in the pool to fill our relay teams, without them and their willingness to support the team, we would not have gotten across the line.

We also thank the parents who drove to Mildura early to get their kids to training. Not only did they do this, but they all gave their assistance to the Mildura Swimming Club in setting up for the meet and assisting during the meet as well. It is the effort and spirit displayed but all members of the club, that makes us so great, so thank you.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors who have provided us with the support to reach this goal. In particular, we thank our Premier Partner JP Flynn Builders for their long-term support.

A special thanks also goes to Swimming Victoria and the Mildura Swimming Club for putting on such a great meet. We also thank the Traralgon Swimming Club for pushing us to be the best we can be. Their dominance in this competition has spread across two decades, and we thank them for their sportsmanship and grace across the weekend.

Finally, we thank our swimmers, parents and committee members for getting us to this point. We set this target as part of our strategic plan and have worked tirelessly to make this club good enough to be Country Champions – and that’s exactly what we have now achieved. Everyone’s hard work and team work does not go unnoticed, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for us.

Final Combined Team Points Score:


  1. Geelong Swimming Club – 1,990
  2. Traralgon Swimming Club – 1,866
  3. Ballarat Gold Swimming Club – 1,311
  4. Bendigo East Swimming Club – 990
  5. South Gippsland Bass Swimming Club – 950

Individual medallists and finalists below:


  • Brooke Briscoe – 1st in 400 FS, 200 IM, 2nd in 100 BK, 4×100 medley and FS relay, 100 fly, 400 IM, 4×50 medley and FS relay, 3rd in 200 BK plus 2 finals
  • Dax Conheady – 1st in 4×50 medley relay
  • Bradley Doolan – 1st in 50 BR, 2nd in 50 Fly, 50 BK, 50 FS
  • Tihema Holman – 3rd in 4×50 FS relay, 100 Fly plus 4 finals
  • Zoe Jennings – 2nd in 4×100 free relay, 3rd in 400 IM plus 6 finals
  • Jonathon Leong – 1st in 100 Fly
  • Dylan Logan – 1st in 50 Fly, 50 BK, 50 FS, 2nd in 50 BR, 200 IM, 3rd in 200 IM plus 3 finals
  • James Logan – 3rd in 50 BK, plus 4 finals
  • Hayley Mackinder – 1st in 200 BR, 100 BR x 2, 2nd in 4×100 medley relay, 4×50 medley and free relay, 200 IM, 3rd in 100 Fly, plus 1 final
  • Aidan McGee – 3rd in 200 IM, plus 2 finals
  • Ryan McGrane – 3rd in 50 BR, plus 4 finals
  • Layla McInnes – 2nd in 100 FS, 4×100 medley and free relay, 4×50 medley and free relay, plus 1 final
  • Phoebe Mitchell – 1st in 50 BR, 50 BK, 2nd in 200 IM, 3rd in 50 Fly, 50 FS
  • Sarah Provily – 2nd in 4×50 medley and free relay, 100 BK, plus 4 finals
  • Cameron Ricchini – 3rd in 4×50 free relay, 3rd in 200 IM, plus 2 relays
  • Jacob Riches – 1st in 50 FS, Fly and BR, 4×50 medley relay, 2nd in 50 BK, 4×50 free relay
  • Keppler Snijders – 1st in 4×50 medley relay, 2nd in 4×50 free relay, 50 fly plus 2 finals
  • Zahlie Snijders – 3rd in 100 FS, plus 2 finals
  • Noah Stephens – 2nd in 4×50 free relay plus 2 final
  • Chrysander Suhandi – 2nd in 4×50 free relay
  • Joanne Towers – 2nd in 50 FS, plus 2 finals
  • Byron Ward – 3rd in 4×50 free relay, plus 5 finals
  • Josh Wilkinson – 1st in 100 Fly, 2nd in 200 Fly, 3rd in 4×50 free relay plus 4 finals

Other finalists:


  • Celeste Ellis – 200IM
  • Zachary Hussain – 50 BK, 200 BK, 100 Fly, 200 IM, 100 BK
  • Sienna Lucas – 50 FS, Fly and BR
  • Ashlee Mackinder – 50 Fly
  • Samantha Miles – 50 BK

Whilst we let everything sink in, we also look forward to State Championships and National Championships where we hope to have more success.

3, 2, 1… GO GEELONG! 👊🏼