Club History


The Geelong Swimming Club has a long and proud history, forming on December 7th, 1882. The club was created via the merging of Geelong, Meredith, Geelong Western, Parkside and St Helens Swimming Clubs. The original name of the club was Geelong Western Swimming Club.

Women were first allowed into the club in 1929, however decided to form their own club – the Geelong Western Ladies Swimming Club. In 1959 they returned, but retained their own identity within the club and even had their own committee. The club amalgamated in May 1966.

In 1970, the club officially changed its name to the Geelong Swimming Club and established its headquarters at the Geelong & District Memorial Swimming Centre (Kardinia Aquatic Centre), where it remains. In 1984, the club become an incorporated body – The Geelong Swimming Club Inc.

Life Membership

Life Members of the Geelong Swimming Club have been a member of the club for a minimum of seven years and have contributed to the club beyond expectations. Applications for Life Memberships must be received by the Club Secretary each year and must be submitted to the committee for approval.

Life Members

  • Bill Willmott (D)
  • Mrs Blair
  • Ron Doak (D)
  • Mrs Clarke
  • Max Parker (D)
  • Jack Doak (D)
  • Diana Strahan
  • Norman Bond (D)
  • Robert Bond (D)
  • Michael Caroll
  • Lloyd Batten (D)
  • Peter Doak
  • Billie (Gwendoline Marion) Batten (D)
  • Edna Touzel (D)
  • Eunice Beswick (D)
  • Harry Beswick (SNO)
  • Patricia Bond (D)
  • Pam Firth (D)
  • Peter McNeil
  • Robert Goodwin
  • Michael Hand
  • Darren Steere
  • Jan McNeil
  • Bob Kelly
  • L Touzel (D)
  • Marilyn McLaren (Ford)
  • Judy Karutz
  • Michael Carrol
  • Amber Karutz
  • Liz Watson
  • Fiona Skinner
  • Vicki Kelly
  • John Beckworth
  • Megan Hussain
  • Tony Strahan
  • Lucky Weerakkody
  • Sadat Hussain
  • Libby Mitchell
  • Phoebe Mitchell
  • Glenn Benson